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Student Leadership

Prefects are entrusted with the responsibility of leadership in our school, for example they will:

  • Co-operate with staff to ensure that a caring, supportive and educational environment exists in the school.
  • Be expected to be present at the annual Open Evening, where they will help showcasing the school, escort parents and guardians on tours of the school and answer any questions which may arise.
  • As a result of being entrusted with a leadership role, – lead by example in areas of school uniform, excellent behaviour, assisting staff, and helping other students when required.
  • Have a role in assisting year heads and tutors at whole school events or services in the hall.
  • Act as mentors to Junior students.
  • Be expected to promote the ethos of respect, kindness, joy, positivity, discipline and best effort that we have in St Tiernan’s through their words and actions.

Student Awards

​The awards presented in St Tiernan’s Community school involve areas which are central to the learning and character-building activities of the school, academic excellence, good citizenship, contribution in class, leadership and an involvement in the extra-curricular life of the school. We promote academic excellence here in St Tiernan’s and we are very proud of the excellent results achieved by our students over the years. Students in receipt of awards are students that are active in the life of the school. They take the initiative. They give good example and have the strength of character to bring others with them. They are reliable and dependable. As a school community we believe education should be a joyful experience. By participating in this way, they show their genuine interest and enthusiasm.

Student Voice

“What I have experienced in St Tiernan’s is very good and at a high standard. We have the best SNAs, teachers, tutors, year head and principal.”

  – 2nd Year Student

“I’d sum up my experience as great. I meet lost of new people and make lots of new friends and learn lots of new things.”

  – 2nd Year Student

“LCA is absolutely amazing, everything we do in it is honestly a really good experience.”

  – LCA1 Student

2019/2020 School Prefects
2018/2019 School Prefects