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Parents and Guardians

St Tiernan’s Community School welcomes and invites parents’ active partnership in the education of their children.

The family provides the most significant classrooms for all children. By the time they are 16 years of age they have spent only 15% of their working lives in school The remaining 85% is spent with family and friends and with the wider community. Estimates of the importance of the family background to educational success vary but it is almost certainly the most important factor (John Peckham OECD).

Parents and teachers of St Tiernan’s have a shared sense of purpose, that each child reaches his or her full potential in the educational system. We believe that the success of St Tiernan’s Community School depends on the combined efforts of parents, teachers and students.

Parents’ support and co-operation are very much valued by us and we look forward to working closely with you throughout your child’s school years.