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​Our Leaving Certificate students are taking part in a two-year programme called Power to Progress run by UCD. Students are receiving free tuition in two subjects of their choice per year in both 5th and 6th year. The classes are small groups with some carried out in person and others online. Full attendance is expected.

Students got the opportunity to visit UCD last year and will visit the Zurich Ireland offices in the coming year. Students received a free laptop donated from Zurich Ireland to help support them with their studies. The programme is run by Prof. Judith Harford UCD & Amalia Fenwick, UCD.

On the 9th of May this year our P2P students attended UCD for the P2P outreach day. The students designed a poster on their meaning of education and they presented it to Minister Simon Harris. They also listened to educational talks and sampled many lectures throughout the day. A quote the students remembered from the day was:

“EDUCATION is the one thing that cannot be taken away from you. So embrace it!”

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What is Power2Progress?

  • Free tuition in two subjects per year in both 5th and 6th year (2 hours per week for two 12-week blocks).
  • Small groups.
  • Visits to UCD.
  • Visits to Zurich Ireland offices.
  • Zurich ambassador assigned to our school.