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St Tiernan’s Community School was founded in 1980 and is located between Dundrum and Sandyford, adjoining beautiful parkland. For over 40 years the school has been providing high quality education to young people from the Balally, Dundrum and Sandyford areas. Though much has changed since its establishment, the essential character and spirit of St Tiernan’s Community School remains as strong as ever.

St Tiernan’s is an extraordinary school – rich in tradition, yet firmly focused on the future. Our staff are dedicated professionals, deeply committed to bringing out the best in each and every student. With the belief that teaching and learning should be both challenging and enjoyable for students of all abilities, we provide a stimulating educational experience, encourage deep thinking, and we support our students in becoming confident, resilient and highly motivated learners.

We foster the moral development of students through a school ethos based on respect for the dignity of each individual. We are alert and sensitive to the needs of young people and expectations of society in a constantly changing world and we are innovative in modifying and designing programs to meet these needs and expectations. Most importantly, we encourage students and parents to become fully involved in the social, cultural, intellectual and sporting life of the school community.

Our broad curriculum caters for the needs of each individual student. We offer all Junior and Senior Cycle programmes in a non-denominational setting. We strive to ensure students engage in programmes where they can reach their full potential. In addition to providing second level education to students, St Tiernan’s offers a wide range of courses and facilities to the local community and beyond, through our Adult Education Department.

Not only do our students develop interests and talents through our extensive range of extra-curricular activities, but they forge lasting friendships, and learn the importance of community. Underpinning all we do is a focus on student well-being. Our school’s pastoral care system ensures all our students develop a sense of belonging, and feel supported and valued throughout their years here.

Our students, staff and parents all work together, developing a mindful, caring and compassionate school community, in which respect, warmth and lasting friendships are the norm. By becoming a student at St Tiernan’s, a balance of academics with extracurricular activities, along with a positive, friendly atmosphere, await you.

Most of all, we promise you a warm welcome!

Jenny Costello, Principal