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Ember Team

The Ember Programme is a Faith Leadership programme for students at senior level in secondary schools. The students are trained to become mentors for incoming students at junior level and/or to be faith leaders in their schools. The programme is coordinated by the Archdiocese of Dublin Education Secretariat and the training takes place in Ovoca Manor in Wicklow each academic year.


 The Ember team serve as faith leaders where each candidate is given responsibility in a variety of ways; they will be expected to commit to a weekly meeting (at a mutually convenient time for all, be that during lunchtime or after school.) In this capacity, the team’s focus is to strive to offer meaningful experiences, for their peers here in St. Tiernan’s, that demonstrate their commitment to embody ‘faith in action’. The Ember team may also work to find opportunities to be an example of faith in action within the wider community.

The hope for the team is that if junior students, in particular, should experience difficulties or anxieties of any kind that they can turn to their Ember Team and find in them understanding, respect, advice and assistance. Part of their training will focus on imparting skills to enable the team members in this capacity.

They also assist School Management, Chaplain and teachers in organising and running many and varied initiatives throughout the school year. Their role is very much one of servant leadership within the school.