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Leaving Cert Applied (LCA)

Overview of LCA

This is a valuable, project-based, alternative to the established Leaving Certificate. It is split into 4 sessions, over two years. Each session makes up a quarter of a student’s Leaving Certificate.

Credits are earned by completing classroom based Key Assignments, Tasks and final exams. Work Experience also makes up a huge part of LCA and students get great satisfaction and confidence from sourcing this themselves. LCA is suited to those with good attendance and who wish to acquire skills for the workplace. Additionally, it can lead to a third level qualification by undertaking a Post Leaving Certificate (PLC) course or attending a Technological University.

Awarding of LCA Credits

The LCA is awarded at three levels:

  • Pass: 120 – 139 credits (60% – 69%).
  • Merit: 140 – 169 credits (70% – 84%).
  • Distinction: 170 – 200 credits (85% – 100%).

There are 200 credits available in total:

  • 62 credits (31%) for ongoing attendance, class work and assignments.
  • 70 credits (35%) for 7 Student Tasks (project work).
  • 68 credits (34%) for 7 Final Examinations.


Over the course of two years, students participating in our Leaving Certificate Applied course study the following subjects:

  • English and Communications
  • Irish
  • Maths
  • French
  • Vocational Preparation and Guidance
  • Hotel Catering and Tourism
  • Graphics and Construction
  • Craft and Design
  • Social Education
  • Leisure and Recreation
  • Work Experience
  • Religion
  • Music
  • Personal Reflection
  • Personal Achievement