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Bank of Ireland Schools Programme

​Over the past few years St Tiernan’s Community School has partnered with Bank of Ireland and their schools programme. This programme gives Transition Year students the opportunity to organise and run a school bank while the whole student cohort took part in workshops in what is referred to as the “Money Smarts” programme.

Our Transition Year students have the opportunity to experience the job application process in selecting roles for the banking team. Those running the bank will develop team building skills, the importance of time management and communication skills and the day-to-day running of a bank. This project also provides the opportunity for students to open their own bank accounts and begin their financial life journey.

There are workshops which cover a wide range of topics, including financial literacy, Interview skills, banking basics and business start up skills. The aim of the workshops is to ensure that students are confident in their financial literacy and business skills as they approach adulthood. The programme will provide young people with access to financial education and use practical tools to enable them to learn lifelong skills and make informed financial decisions.