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St Tiernan’s Music Department

Over the past few years, we have really been developing our Musical Theatre department in the school, producing either a full-scale musical or talent show every year before the February midterm.

Most recently, in February 2020, we put on three outstanding performances of ‘Grease’. The musical each year comprises of acting, singing and dancing roles – so there is something for everyone! The most important elements to get involved are dedication and enthusiasm. Every year it is an amazing chance to make new friends from different year groups, to express your creativity, to develop your confidence, self-esteem and stage presence and – most importantly – to have fun!

Rehearsals usually take place twice a week – one day for acting/singing roles and one for whole-cast dancing – for one hour after school. When we get into the final weeks running up to the show, we also hold Saturday rehearsals for the whole cast, and this is when the whole show really comes together professionally.

The Musical Theatre department is made up of many experienced, dedicated and talented people. It would not be possible without the hard work of our Music teachers, Art teachers and Woodwork teachers. It is always a collaborative effort, and this results in the best possible show.

We are very much looking forward to the next show – whenever it is possible and safe to do so!

St Tiernan’s School Choir

The school choir in St. Tiernan’s Community school enhances every single school event throughout the year. We sing at the School Opening Ceremony in September, the Remembrance Mass in November, the Christmas Carol Service, the Easter Ceremony in March/April and the Awards Evening in May.

Singing is a joyful and uplifting experience. It has been proven that singing improves our sense of happiness and wellbeing. Singing together in harmony with others has also been proven to increase our happiness and wellbeing, while also establishing meaningful bonds with others.
Rehearsals take place during lunchtime, in the Music Room, usually two or three days per week in the weeks approaching a performance. The choir is a fantastic opportunity for students who love to sing, for students who love music and for students who would like to make friends with other like-minded, musical people! Our repertoire is very varied, always including modern songs which the students often select themselves.

Everyone is welcome – please contact our Music department: Ms Cara Bannigan or Ms Paula Tynan if you would like to be involved!