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Student Application Form



    Gender (req):


    Parent/Guardian (1):

    Parent/Guardian (2):


    School 1 (req):

    School 2 (opt):


    I, hereby apply for a place in St Tiernan’s Community School for my son/daughter. I accept the Ethos of the school and respect and understand the value system it entails. I accept the right of the school to impose sanctions for misconduct in accordance with the school’s Code of Behaviour. I undertake to support St Tiernan’s Community School in the application of the school’s Code of Behaviour with regard to my son/daughter.

    Signed by Parent/Guardian (req):


    I, declare that I understand:

    • St Tiernan’s Community School has a legal and legitimate interest to collect and process my child’s personal data in order to meet statutory requirements.

    • How my data/my child’s data is used.

    • St Tiernan’s Community School may share my data/my child’s data with the Department of Education and Skills, the HSE and Tusla in accordance with legislation or regulatory requirements.

    • St Tiernan’s Community School will not share my data/my child’s data with any third parties without my consent unless the law requires the school to do so.

    • St Tiernan’s Community School will always ask for explicit consent where that is required, and I must provide this consent if I agree to the data being processed.

    • My data is retained in line with the school’s GDPR Data Protection Policy.

    • My rights to the processing of my/my child’s personal data.

    • Where I can find out more information about the processing of my child’s personal data/my personal data.

    • St Tiernan’s Community School Privacy Notice for parents/guardians is published on our website and is available at our office upon request.

    Signed by Parent/Guardian (req):

    If/When a letter of offer is issued, we will require further information with regard to your son/daughter (i.e. part 2 of the Admissions Application must be completed fully and returned to the school – this form will be enclosed with the letter of offer).