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St Tiernan’s Student Wins Prestigious Debating Award

Jun 28, 2022

Congratulations to Youssef Hassan, who was awarded the Leinster Junior Schools Championship individual trophy in the Junior Schools Debating Competition. This year was the first time St Tiernan’s Community School participated in the Leinster Junior Schools Debating Competition, which was organised jointly by the UCD Law Society and the Literary and Historical Society. A group of third year students entered the competition, having little experience in debating but a passion to improve. The competition had over 100 teams competing from schools throughout the province.

Despite being at the disadvantage of experience, the teams from St Tiernan’s had incredible success, with one of our teams securing a place in the semi-finals. The competition culminated in the finals on April 7. One of our students, Youssef Hassan (3rd Year) spoke on the motion “In a world where superheroes exist, this house supports vigilante justice”. Youssef delivered a phenomenal speech in which he highlighted the ability for vigilante superheroes to offer justice and support to communities which historically are not served well by the police. He cited as an example the African-American community in Alabama. This speech proved persuasive to an esteemed judging panel, which was chaired by Aishling Kinsella, a twice world championship semi-finalist debater.

Youssef was awarded the Leinster Junior Schools Championship individual trophy. Staff and students at St Tiernan’s are immensely proud of Youssef; this achievement is reflective of the trojan amount of work he has put in this year. We wish him well and feel confident he will have continued success debating in the future.